Self-portrait Isabelle RIESER, author “From Self”

“From 1988, I stayed ten years in the United States, captivated by Manhattan, bursting with creativity and economic discernment, that we wonder: what is it useful for? I returned to France at 35 years old, in itself an odyssey.

During an adult course, as an assignment, I wrote a chapter of my life, simply using biographic facts. I continued on a hundred pages, upon interviews and an ethnographic investigation for a master of educational sciences.

In 2008, I was entrusted the cultural diffusion of a multimedia work with sound, visual and narrative art. While realizing the publication of my interviews and essays, I distributed a self-published first book to bookstores.

I was at the threshold of publishing, when I wrote essays about photographic elements and their contemporary matches to impressionism, within the framework of a call for cultural and artistic projects related to the 2013 Normandy impressionist festival.

My writing evolved with a video projection at a 2015 festival called “The spring tides of words”. Then, I edited in 2016, the writing about the “self” in a short autobiographical story, and a narrative expression in a short film.

This diversification of writing genres, linked with the rising information technology on the internet, has lead me to a specialized diffusion of an enhanced book,“ From self”, available as well in French and Spanish.”