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Narration between words and images

Ebook De Soi Même - From Self - De Sí Misma - Isabelle Rieser
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Narration between words and images

When I started in the press, I encountered the narration between images and events, through writting photographic legends. In the press, I practiced a form of narrative journalism through interviews and event reportage, using a direct posture of narrator for a verbal content as well as visual. In a multimedia projection, I coordinated music, visual arts, and writting using an interdisciplinary approach. This undertaking evoLved from discrete signature voices into a collective work with a unique narrative voice, by omitting the usual narrative strategy of "who speaks", "who is at the origin of story", and "who narrates".

Beyond the narrative ethic, How did I write "From Self" between words and images ?

My writting in first person singular expressed a subjective anchoring between sequences of animated images. This multimedia narration between words and images was projected through an artothèque (art-loaning library). With this narrative enunciation in the first person singular, I revisit the autobiography in educational sciences and literary. I observe how much in the name of the truth, the autobiographic pact has been much written about, and has not been reserved to the famous in this world. With the literary evocation of self-fiction (opposing autobiography), I change the fiction of my character with fewer illusions facing my own truth. These insigts around encounters, experimentation, and a crowd in a short film induce a short story "From Self".

The writting of self makes a short biographical story from fragments of contemporary verbal, musical, visual languages. The digital publishing is at a protean advantage in the internet era, when the challenges of publishing( what is shared as well in paper publishing) lie in the wholeness of a book between images and words.

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